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You are curious 🙂 That´s fine, I will tell you something about me.

But first of all, pls apologize my English as I was not born in country with English speaking country..

Despite that, I will do my best to describe my journey from little, young, maybe naive online marketer to the point where I am now, an online entrepreneur who is finnaly doing what he love, have pretty good online income and can enjoy his life as he ever wanted.

There is so much content on this site which can show you how to build a solid online bussines and you came here to discover something about me. I very appreciate that, belive me. I don´t want do dissapoint you, so here is my short story.

All the time I grew up and matured, I was led to learn well enough to find a nice paid job, preferably somewhere in the office, in an established company.

With these advice, I was quite guided because I believed it was the best way to a happy future. However, after a few years in a well-paid job, they began to catch up with me, and slowly but surely I found out that this is not a right way how ensure happy life without all that usual worries which came in 9-5 job.

I always wanted to have my own business, my own project that would entertain, fill and finance me. I believe that we all deserve more than just making money for someone else, often in an unpleasant environment, for a payout that barely suffices to meet basic needs.

And so I started searching the internet for terms like “how to make money online”, “how to work on the internet”, “how to start working from home”, “how to start doing business online from scratch” and so on.

In order to shorten the story, I will save you a description of what I have tried all the time, how many times I was scammed, and how much money did it fly through the window.

Nevertheless, during that time, I have also gained some experience and found out what needs to be done to start making money on the Internet.

My most popular way of earning money on the internet has become digital product cration and affiliate marketing over time.

They offers a number of benefits to newcomers who start earning money on the internet, but it is a vastly effective system for making big money online. So I´ve decided that it is the way I should go.

And today I’m definitely very happy that I start the path of digital products creation and also doing affiliate marketing.

Without torture, I admit that even though the concept of that bussineses is relatively easy, real earning is no longer so obvious, so it took me quite a while to start earning with my projects.

But over time, I picked and still picking up various flies, and income from these business is becoming more and more significant.

About affiliate marketing I have learned a lot in Wealthy Affilate, it’s the perfect guide to the affiliate marketing world, which even can teach you how well an affiliate project looks like.

I hope you can find your way to make money online, whether it’s affiliate marketing, info marketing, youtubing, e-mail marketing, investing in online projects, building your own e-shops or anything else.

Wish you as smooth journey to your financial success as possible.

Paul Simanek

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