If you are looking to make your websites or blogs more personal and attractive, I have found a software that will do just that for you.

I have tried it myself and if you know how to point and click a mouse, you will know how to use Avatar Genie Pro. It is so easy to use it as there is no technical skill involved.

If you are running a business and want to make your website unique and appealing for your visitors, you don’t need to engage designers to create mascots and custom avatars anymore….because Avatar Genie Pro is your solution.

Avatar Genie Pro Review

Does the software does all the things that it claims to do? I test drove it and here is my verdict about Avatar Genie Pro.

The first thing that impressed me is the end results that I could potentially get with a bit of creativity. The sample avatars shown are really appealing and attractive. With loads of permutation of hairstyle, clothing, gesture, facial expression and more, each avatar will ultimately be unique.

I am really a non-techie person and I really had difficulty using software like Photoshop to do my graphics. But with Avatar Genie Pro, basically it is a point-n-click software. You basically go through every part of the avatar and select the various aspects of the avatar you want to represent. Yeah…just point-n-click…there is nothing to it. If I can do it, everyone else can.

Not only that. Since it is a cloud based software, I did not have to worry about complicated downloads and updates. I was given a login URL and with a password, I was all ready to design my avatar.

The other thing that impress me was the quality of the image. They are all in high definition and is exported in PNG format. If you are a business owner, this aspect is crucial and I am glad that the creators have got you covered as well.

The quality is good enough for you to use in your videos, marketing materials, product covers and your presentations if you so wish.

I really cannot find anything negative to say about Avatar-Genie-Pro. The question you may ask is that whether you would really need it if you are not a business owner.

My answer is yes….if you are looking to make your websites and blogs more attractive and “cool”. And heck for the price that you pay to get lifetime access, it is way cheaper than buying a graphic software like photoshop. On top of that, it is so easy to use. For that alone, I would give this software a shot.

I also rec a video review and put together a bunch a great bonuses. You can check them by clicking button below.


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