The Internet has given delivery to a brand-new practice and purpose to clause writing. It used to be solely for the kindnes of the aircraft and the exhilaration that a novelist suffers when their work get published.

But the cyber world has created perceptions like clause directories that motivated business people to think about commodities in a different way.

Marketing Your Biz

Have “youve been” tried writing articles for directory sites? The first thing that it is necessary to do is to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen battlefield of interest.

This doesn’t actually mean your personal select but preferably the one related to whatever your line of business is.

You attend, this is all about spreading the word out about your business and promoting your products and services. But you will not do such task in a bold manner.


Creating essays is a subtle lane to cause people know about you, get interested with the information that you are giving or writing about, then click on the link that you provide them with.

Why is it important to write good materials? Not because you can submit to these directories for free means that you will no longer am worried about the qualifications of your work.

You need to come readers’ scrutiny. And the best way to do that is by leaving them what the hell is crave. You must give them useful information that they would definitely like to know.

You must have them hooked on what you wrote in order to be allowed to take interest to sounds the link that you will provide on your author’s bio seat.

That link will pass your probable clients to your own web site. And there you can sing a different tune. That is the time you were supposed to aim for the sale.

Basic Guide

You are find a lot of free submission locates formerly you probe on the job of looking for such. There are certain specifications to each locate.

But here are some of the basic ones that allows you to prepare and start on your articles.

  1. Word count

Be very careful with this aspect. Some submission sites will reject your articles for the mere fact that you lacked some words in your piece.

While others allow 300 word count for the articles, most sites prefer a minimum of 500.


  1. Avoid spamming

Choose a category where you think your articles will best fit in. Do not post your material on multiple categories for each site. This will result to spamming and the site can ban you for such act.


  1. URL

Read carefully what the site’s guideline is about placing your URLs. Some may allow this to be included on the body. And other sites would only accept URLs if these are included on the author’s bio box.


  1. Language

Basically, the language of your articles must be in English. You can use other languages and look for submission sites catering to such market.

This can be done if you really want to broaden the reach of your materials.

spread the word

You must remain professional sounding when it comes to your work. Do not use any obscene language as this may be taken as a negative thing against you.

Choose the right article directories that you will be submitting your materials to.

You can check the web page rankings on Google and Alexa to gain more knowledge if such sites have high traffic or not.

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