Why I Should Cload and Track All My Affiliate Links?

If you running a business online, it is important to be able to influence the visitors that come to your website.

I came across this solution that is super versatile and can do lots of useful things. So in actual fact you do not need to install anything to your website. This service is cloud based.

Imagine being able to do everything you need – track your visitors, cloak URLs, redirect certain traffic elsewhere and so much more with a this technology …well, with ClickMaigic – you can!

In a nutshell ClickMagic is a very powerfull cloud based software that allows you control all your visitors.

There are many benefits of using this software....but I will briefly highlight these 5 main ones:

First, it allows you to cloak and shorten your URLs. This is especially useful if you are doing affiliate marketing.

Track cost per click on every link you promote. Cloaked links look better and can't be blocked, so you can share on affiliate links on Social Media.

Second is retargeting.

You can use FB, AdRoll, Perfect Audience, Retargeter or any other service you like. You can get cheap clicks when you retarget your traffic using ClickMagic.

Third is Country-Based Redirects.

What it can do is to automatically redirect visitors based on their geographic location & IP address. This is perfect to maximize your income from promoting CPA offers.


Click Magic will ping your main URL around the clock and if the affiliate site you’re promoting is down, ClickMagic will automatically redirect your traffic to a backup URL. This will ensure that you will always have an opportunity to make a sale.

Fifth is that it is fully integrated with your favourite affiliate network. It easily track all your data across multiple affiliate networks on one central dashboard.

What I have listed above are just the 5 main benefits but on the home page, there are at sales video explaining all the benefits that will knock your socks off. Go check out their videos to experience the full full aspects of this powerful software.

You see...ClickMagic combines all the tracking, cloaking, analytics and retargeting into a single dashboard.

Maybe you are asking for exactly who are ClickMagic made for?

Well, if you are Affiliate Marketers, Product Vendors, Bloggers, Social Media Managers, Website Owners or Network Marketers, you owe it to yourself to check out this powerful tracking tool.

I can assure that this tool will blow your mind with all the things that it can help you do.

If you decide to upgrade from trial version to paid plan, I have also prepared for your cool bonuses, feel free to check them and click the button below.

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