Did you ever try to sell something online? Yes ? So maybe you already know why internet marketing is so important for your business. So probably you´ve used some kind of marketing technics to successfuly sell your products. It could be perfectly written advertisiment, using of some social platform, correct targeting, your personal story etc. Whatever online tool, technique or knowledge you can implement and use to achieve your business goals we can call it marketing.

What means online marketing for me?

So online marketing is all effort to achieve your business goals (product sold, gain a subrsciber to our list, get download, expand awareness of your brand etc.) by using online techniques and tactics, such as Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing / Blogging, Video Marketing, Podcasting, Re-Marketing, Webinars, Workshops, Freebies, Surveys etc. Any technique you can use to promote your business and achive desired goals can be useful. But don´t let yourself to be trapped by all of that. Especially on the beggining. Make your plan and stick to strategy that works best for you. Do not try to be everywhere in the same time.

It´s not possible, it´s not wise and it´s not effecive in most cases

There si more clever way how to get attention for your products and services and you don´t need to be everywhere, you don´t need to produce content massively, you don´t need to have an account on all that social platforms which exist these days. social-platforms Marketing is the arf of selling and communication, to cut it really short. But first of all, let me share with you how I am thinking about internet marketing and what it means to me. And, despite we can describe it in very short sentence, online marketing is so huge niche and can be approched by many different angles and point of views, but we can scratch out our view clearly.

Any effort made to sell products or services online can be viewed as marketing.

And it doesn´t matter which tools you are using or what approach you apply to communication with your audience or potentional customers. Final goal all of us is to make moeny here, what means make a sale (direct or indirect). Otherwise, who would pay the bills? So I would like to emphasize that main goal is to sell, not have biggest Facebook Fanpage, not to have most visitors on your blog, not have huge amount of content on your website, not to have perfectly crafted and designed website, not to have huge group of followers etc. Of course, it´s not bad to have these assets in your arsenal, it´s actualy quite opposite, but if you don´t use these audiences properly, you will not make any money and that´s why we are here and probably why you are reading these lines. keep-calm-and-sell-it- Of course, there is much more to be concerned about, but most important is to indetify people needs or wants and satisfy them by our product or service. That means sell them our product or service.

As you see, there is no selling without marketing and there is no marketing without selling

Belive me I know what I am talking about, I was there. I had great bloging site, quite enough visitors coming every day, but I was not able to make any significant money from that. Why? As I had wrong approach and cared so much about everything else than sells. I didn´t incorporate some essentials into this systems, so it could not work. essentials_cogs Therefore I want you to do not same mistakes as I did and I want to give you my experience so you can go direct way, without distractions towards your goal and didn´t forget on any essentials to market your products or services effectively. ​There is whole buch of technics and strategies which we will be covering in this blog. But if you want to start building your successful internet marketing on solid foundations, go and download my free e-book and video course here.
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